Glass Menagerie
"The Glass Menagerie"
Photo: Todd Michaels
Forbidden Broadway's Greatest Hits!
"Forbidden Broadway's Greatest Hits!"
Photo: Todd Michaels
Once on this Island
"Once on this Island"
Photo: Kimberly Baranek
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May 8 9 10 11

As the onset of Alzheimer’s disease begins to take hold, a kitchen fire and an incident that injured her grandson finds Maxine unwillingly moved into an assisted living facility. However, Maxine’s attitude changes once she meets another elderly resident Joe, as the two discover a mutual connection having both danced at a popular Detroit ballroom in the early 40’s. Through their diseased fog of confusion and sometimes humorous remains of a memory, a relationship is born. This touching and powerful piece of theater is based on a true story, that of the author herself and of her own mother.

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